“Let’s Get Harry” (1986)

Believe it or not, this is the first movie I’ve covered for this blog to have the “Alan Smithee” designation, that is, a film in which the director (in this case Stuart Rosenberg) was so disgusted with the end product he took his name off of it. Some Alan Smithee movies are a pretty good … Continue reading

Exciting updates (April 2014)

Hi everyone. I always start these updates with profuse apologies for the scarcity of posts in recent months. The main reason this time is that, as of September, I’ve been a semi-regular freelance film reviewer for The Village Voice, which has been very exciting but (needless to say) time consuming. My piece on the Tribeca … Continue reading

Elliott Gould Discusses His Lesser-Known Films, Part 2: The 1980s

Precious few of Elliott Gould’s 1980s films are available on Netflix. The exceptions are “The Muppets Take Manhattan,” in which he cameos as a harried police officer; the criminally underrated Christopher Guest Hollywood satire, “The Big Picture,” another delicious cameo opportunity for Gould; the lame 1989 horror flick “The Night Visitor”; and two children’s films … Continue reading

“FightFuckPray” (2008)

At the onset, “FightFuckPray” announces that all the dialogue in the film was entirely improvised. That could be, but the three stories (titled “Fight,” “Fuck” and “Pray”) that eventually intersect must have at least been outlined and analyzed by the actors, a set of young amateurs from the Atlanta area who give impressively intense performances. … Continue reading