Coming soon…

Apologies for the scarcity of posts on my end lately. I’ve been working hard on a freelance story about some of the original “Dark Shadows” writers, which sprung up randomly when I was doing interviews for the blog. That should come out in mid-June, somewhere, somehow, while “Dark Shadows” is still in theaters.

I have also been watching scores of Elliott Gould films to prepare for a follow-up interview with him (excerpts from my first interview with Gould concerning the movie “Over the Brooklyn Bridge” can be read here). Ditto with Menahem Golan (who directed “Bridge.”) Some of the directors/writers of the various Gould films have been nice enough to chat with me and I will soon post their reflections as well as rundowns of their films.

In other news: my fiancée graduated from Cardozo Law School last week, in the top half of her class! Exciting times!

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